The Average Wedding Cost in Popular Destinations Worldwide

February 12, 2024
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Destination weddings are on the rise, driven by couples seeking unique and memorable experiences. Budget planning is crucial for these weddings, considering travel, accommodations, and venue costs. 

This article explores the average costs of destination weddings in various locations worldwide. It aims to provide a preview of these costs and explore the financial aspects of turning dream weddings into reality.

Factors Influencing Wedding Costs Worldwide

Planning a wedding involves navigating various factors that significantly impact expenses. The chosen location plays a crucial role, particularly in sought-after destinations where venue and accommodation costs tend to be higher. Seasonal variations bring about price fluctuations, especially during peak wedding seasons from late spring to early fall, leading to increased demand and escalated prices.

Additionally, cultural and traditional elements add another layer to wedding costs, requiring extra spending on ceremonies, attire, and rituals.

Destination weddings introduce a unique set of considerations, intertwining with economic conditions and exchange rates, especially for international events. Changes in currency values significantly affect travel, accommodation, and overall costs. Couples must make informed decisions to effectively manage their wedding budget, understanding the delicate interplay of these elements. This empowers them to orchestrate a financially savvy yet unforgettable celebration of their special day.

How much it costs to get married in The United States

The cost of getting married in the United States exhibits a wide range influenced by factors like the variety of wedding destinations and regional cost differences. According to Zola, the national average wedding cost in 2024 is reported to be around $30,000, with significant variations across states. They also highlight the diversity of wedding expenses, showcasing the distinct costs associated with different locations, from picturesque Hawaii to bustling New York. 

Additionally, regional disparities emphasize how the average wedding cost fluctuates based on local economies and living expenses, making it crucial for couples to consider location-specific factors when budgeting for their special day.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York during Nighttime

How much it costs to get married in Italy

The cost of getting married in Italy varies across popular cities like Rome, Venice, and Tuscany. The average wedding cost in Italy in 2023 ranges between €15,000 and €20,00, with specific details on venue prices varying between €5,000 and €10,000 per day. Each city carries its charm and distinctiveness, impacting the overall expenses. For instance, Venice, renowned for its romantic ambiance, might have different costs compared to the historic richness of Rome or the picturesque landscapes of Tuscany.

Venice Italy with its famous canal and houses

How much it costs to get married in France

Getting married in romantic destinations like Paris and the French Riviera comes with varying expenses. Venue costs in France can range from €10,000 to €60,000–additional expenses include catering and beverage costs ranging from €5,000 to €20,000, decorations and flowers costing approximately €2,000 to €10,000, and professional photography and videography services ranging from €3,000 to €15,000. Paris, renowned for its romantic ambiance, may have different price points compared to the coastal charm of the French Riviera. The unique allure of each location contributes to the overall wedding expenses, impacting venue prices and creating a spectrum of costs for couples seeking a romantic French destination wedding.

Crowded Street With Cars Along Arc De Triomphe

How much it costs to get married in Greece

The cost of weddings in Greece varies, especially for sought-after island venues like Santorini and Mykonos, known for their breathtaking landscapes. Wedding planners charge between €1,500 to €3,000, varying by experience and services offered. Santorini venue rentals range from €2,000 to €5,000, contingent on the location. Costs may fluctuate based on specific locations, chosen venues, and additional services. Mykonos likely shares a similar expense range for couples desiring an enchanting island wedding experience.

White Concrete House Near Body of Water Under White and Blue Cloudy Sky in santorini, greece

How much it costs to get married in Thailand

Thailand offers enchanting beach weddings, with popular destinations being Phuket and Koh Samui. Thai wedding budgets can vary widely, accommodating different financial preferences. Beach wedding packages can range from $1,000 to $10,000, depending on factors such as the venue, services included, and guest count. Couples need to consider these aspects when planning their dream beach wedding in Thailand.

Top View of Boats on Beach in thailand

How much it costs to get married in India

In India, the cost of weddings can vary widely, particularly for lavish ceremonies in popular destinations like Rajasthan and Goa. The average wedding cost in India ranges from INR 15,00,000 to INR 25,00,000, encompassing extravagant and intimate affairs. Lavish weddings in heritage-rich Rajasthan or picturesque Goa can escalate expenses due to venue choices, accommodations, and grand celebrations, contributing to the overall budget.

Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, india

How much it costs to get married in Bali, Indonesia

Bali, known for its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture, offers a range of options for exotic island weddings. Costs can vary based on preferences, from beach ceremonies to luxurious resort venues. Factors such as the choice of venue, the number of guests, and specific inclusions in the wedding package contribute to the overall cost of a wedding in Bali. Beach ceremonies or resort weddings may start at $1,000 and go up to $3,000, allowing for personalized options. Some Bali wedding packages advertise costs between $5,000 to $6,000, but these are often base prices, and additional preferences may increase the overall expense. Bali's allure as a destination for tying the knot lies in its natural beauty and the diverse wedding experiences it can offer, each with its unique price tag. 

The Famous Bali Handara Gate in Bali, Indonesia

How much it costs to get married in Mexico

Mexico, with its stunning beaches, is a popular destination for beachfront weddings. The costs for such weddings can vary based on the location within Mexico. Mexican wedding costs typically range between $12,343 and $14,006. For beachfront weddings in popular destinations like Cancun and Cabo San Lucas, expenses may include venue fees, catering, and other specific requirements. The overall budget may be influenced by the couple's preferences, guest count, and the chosen wedding venue. "You can save on average 70% by having a destination wedding in Mexico," explains Samantha, a wedding planner from "Destination weddings cost on average $5500 vs $28,000 which is the average cost of a wedding in the U.S."

Aerial View of the Gaviota Azul Beach in Cancun, Mexico

How much it costs to get married in Canada

Canada offers breathtaking scenic locations for weddings, with Banff and Quebec being popular choices. The average cost of a wedding in Canada varies, generally ranging between $20,000 and $23,000. For couples opting for scenic weddings in places like Banff, known for its majestic mountain views, or the charming Quebec, expenses may include venue fees, catering, and other specific requirements. The unique landscapes contribute to the overall ambiance, influencing the budget based on the couple's preferences and the chosen wedding venue.

Lake and Mountain in Alberta, Canada

How much it costs to get married in Morocco

Marrakech, with its rich cultural heritage, is a sought-after destination for weddings in Morocco. Cultural weddings in Marrakech can be an enchanting experience, combining traditional Moroccan elements with the city's vibrant atmosphere. While specific costs vary based on preferences and guest count, for example, Marrakech weddings can range from $15,000 to $20,000, offering a unique blend of historical surroundings and cultural festivities.

Facade of Cultural Heritage Museum in Morocco

How much it costs to get married in Australia

Coastal weddings in Australia, especially in Sydney and the Gold Coast, offer breathtaking backdrops for couples seeking a romantic seaside celebration. The average cost of an Australian wedding was AU$$33,810 in 2022. Expenses can vary based on preferences, but coastal venues and services may contribute to a significant portion of the budget. Sydney, known for its iconic landmarks, and the Gold Coast, with its stunning beaches, can provide diverse options for couples looking to exchange vows against a picturesque coastal setting.

Aerial View of Sydney, Australia

Final Thoughts

The cost of weddings varies significantly across the globe, reflecting the diverse preferences and offerings in each destination. Factors such as location, cultural elements, and economic conditions play crucial roles in determining wedding expenses. 

From the romantic ambiance of Paris to the stunning landscapes of Bali, each destination introduces a spectrum of costs, emphasizing the need for informed budget planning. Couples must navigate regional disparities, seasonal fluctuations, and the allure of specific locales to orchestrate their dream weddings. 

Whether exchanging vows on the beaches of Thailand or amidst the cultural richness of Morocco, understanding these cost dynamics empowers couples to curate financially savvy yet unforgettable celebrations tailored to their preferences and budget constraints.

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